• Science Studies

    As a student in science studies, you will learn to understand the social and philosophical im
  • European Studies

    Europe is facing a rapid development these days. Over the past twenty years, the map of Europ
  • Mechatronics

    What is a mechatronics engineer? With a bachelor of engineering degree in Mechatronics you
  • Interaction Design

    What is an interaction designer? With a bachelor of engineering degree in Interaction Desig
  • Medialogy

    Are you interested in design and the technologies used within film, sound, computer games, di
  • Art & Technology

    The study of Art & Technology (ArT) provides students with knowledge, skills and competen
  • Photonics Engineering

    Photonics is a well established field of physics that focuses on technologies that play an im
  • Astronomy

    There is a daily stream of measurements from satellites in space and observatories around the
  • Animal Science

    Animal Science focuses on healthy animals and their performance ability in a life long p
  • Biochemistry

    As a graduate student in biochemistry, you will work experimentally and theoretically with bi
  • English

    The Master's Programme in English provides students with a deep insight into important as
  • IT and Cognition

    The MA in IT and Cognition at the University of Copenhagen is a very exclusive program for a
  • Law, LL.M

    The master degree in law takes a minimum of two years to complete.
  • Medicinal Chemistry

    Are you fascinated by organic chemistry and designing potential drug substances? Then the mas
  • Media Management

    Focus is on the managing and leading of media firms and on how these firms can cope with futu
  • Global Systems Design

    Competition is intensifying on global markets. In order to survive, private companies as publ
  • Molecular Bioscience

    In the master’s programme in Molecular bioscience you will learn about cell reactions,
  • Robot Systems

    Robots with artificial intelligence that recognise people and adapt to their individual needs
  • Engineering Chemistry

    This study programme is relevant for you if you already have a bachelor degree in chemistry a
  • Management of People

    The focus area of the profile is Management of People. This profile will expand the students&
  • Management Accounting

    The focus area of the profile is the firms’ management and finance function areas. Thes
  • Change Management

    MSc Economics and Business Administration - Change Management is a Master's degree progra
  • Applied Mathematics

    This MSc full degree programme in Applied mathematics - research profile is offered in Englis
  • European Studies

    The Master programme in European Studies lasts two years and is offered in co-operation with
  • English

    The master’s programme in English (International Line) at the Kolding Campus of SDU pro
  • Microeconomics

    New technologies constantly change the frames for the competition between companies and their
  • International Economics

    The international perspective is becoming increasingly important for understanding the develo
  • Finance and Economics

    A Master of Science in Finance and Economics has a broad knowledge and understanding of centr
  • Economic Development

    The profile provides you with a comprehensive theoretical and hands-on knowledge about growth
  • Engineering Management

    The program is intended for students who want to work in their own engineering field without
  • DTU Elite Programs

      DTU offers three Elite MSc programs to outstanding engineering students: Indu
  • Statistics

    Statistics deals with being able to handle and control uncertainty. Not in the sense that you
  • Sensory Science

    The European MSc (programme) in Sensory Science offers you various possibilities regarding th
  • Physics

    Physics surrounds us in everything from the most compact of mobile phones to the most colossa
  • Nanoscience

    The MSc Programme in Nanoscience gives you the opportunity to specialise in various aspects o
  • Mathematics-Economics

    As a graduate student in mathematical economics, you will work with economic modelling. Econo
  • Human Nutrition

    As a graduate from the MSc programme in Human Nutrition, you have a solid understanding of th
  • Geology-Geoscience

    Through the MSc programme, you will specialise in the area of geology which you find most int
  • eScience

    The MSc in eScience consists of an education reliant on computers and information technology,
  • Computer Science

    Computer science is hardly just for geeks, it’s a creative profession with expanding an
  • Chemistry

    The master’s programme in Chemistry combines formal coursework with independent researc
  • Biology

    Master’s students in biology have the chance to partake in modern biology’s revol
  • Anthropology

    The MSc in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen is a two-year programme taught in E
  • Actuarial Mathematics

    Among other themes, you will be engaged in addressing various types of damage insurance, life
  • Water and Environment

      Both Denmark and China have considerable problems in maintaining high quality stan
  • Innovation Management

    The 2-year programme will take place in China, where a composition of Chinese and Danish stud
  • Geography

    Geography is an academic science subject about the outside world. It illustrates the spatial
  • EU-studies

    EU-Studies consists of three modules of six months' duration and the subject should
  • Business Studies

    The aim of the subject Business Studies is to provide the student with insight into important
  • Supply Chain Management

    The focus of the SCM concentration is to transform single firm activities of supply, producti
  • Service Management

    The programme provides the necessary competences and skills to manage service companies and o
  • Public Governance

    The programme was initiated as part of the Danish government’s “Quality Reform&rd
  • Public Administration

    Reality for public managers in Denmark in recent years has changed and continues to change. T
  • Health Management

    The MHM is designed to meet the health care sector professionals’ new and increasing de
  • Information Management

    Information management helps ease the interaction between an organisation’s information
  • Technical Geology

    The two-year Master’s degree programme in technical geology at the University of Aarhus
  • Statistics

    The two-year Msc programme in Statistics at Aarhus University targets students from tertiary
  • History of Science

    The MSc programme in History of Science targets students with a Bachelor’s degree in sc
  • Process Technology

    The two-year Master’s degree programme in process technology at the University of Aarhu
  • Physics

    The two-year Master’s degree programme in physics at the University of Aarhus targets s
  • Optics and Electronics

    The two-year Master’s degree programme in optics and electronics at the University of A
  • Nanoscience

    Nanoscience is a multidisciplinary field of science that is concerned with understanding and
  • Molecular Biology

    The two-year MSc programme in Molecular Biology at Aarhus University targets students from te
  • Medical Chemistry

    The two-year MSc programme in Medical Chemistry at Aarhus University targets students from te
  • Mathematics - Economics

    The MSc programme in Mathematics-Economics is taught at the Department of Mathematical Scienc
  • Mathematics

    The two-year MSc programme in Mathematics at Aarhus University targets students from tertiary
  • Marketing

    The Marketing programme includes an all-important approach to management decision-making as w
  • Linguistics

    As a Master’s degree student of linguistics at the University of Aarhus, you deal with
  • IT Product Development

    The two-year MSc programme in IT Product Development is based at the Department of Computer S
  • International studies

    The Master’s degree programme in international studies is aimed at students with a Bach
  • International Business

    The focus of the courses offered by the Master of Science in International Business is t
  • Innovation Management

    The programme creates a unique opportunity to experience the challenges throughout the new pr
  • Information Management

    MSc in Information Management/ is a master programme allowing great career p
  • History

    The Master's programme in history allows you to explore different historical periods, top
  • Geophysics

    The two-year MSc programme in Geophysics at Aarhus University is taught at the Department of
  • Geology

    The two-year MSc programme in Geology at Aarhus University is taught at the Department of Ear
  • Finance

    MSc in Finance is a general university education in finance. It provides students withthoroug
  • English

    In this degree programme, you use English at a high international level and gain in-depth kno
  • Computer Science

    The two-year Master’s degree programme in computer science at the University of Aarhus
  • Chemistry

    The two-year MSc programme in Chemistry at Aarhus University targets students from tertiary e
  • Business Intelligence

    The courses of the programme will provide you with analytical skills to identify ne
  • Biology

    The MSc programme in biology provides you with an opportunity to specialise in one or more of
  • Bio-informatics

    The degree programme is both practical and research-oriented and is aimed at the business com
  • Wind Power Systems

    How do we ensure electric network stability when a large wind turbine is connected to the sys
  • Water and Environment

    Aalborg University offers a 2-year Master’s programme in Water and Environment for bach
  • Telecom Infrastructure

    Information and communication technologies such as Internet, mobile communication and advance
  • Techno-Anthropology

    The programme presents students with theoretical accounts of knowledge production, user-drive
  • Sustainable Cities

    The Master Programme will cover issues of engineering such as waste, energy, water resources
  • Surveying and Mapping

    The Master of Science programme in Surveying and Mapping is directed at science and engineeri
  • Software Development

    Students are expected both to develop extended working software prototypes addressing real-wo
  • Service Systems Design

    At Service Systems Design you will learn about planning and organisation of people, infrastru
  • Oil and Gas Technology

    The specialisation in Oil & Gas Technology takes place in the city of Esbjerg where AAU&r
  • Mechanical Design

    The M.Sc. programme in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Design in Esbjerg provides you with t
  • Mathematics

    Studying mathematics at Aalborg University will give you a new experience and perspective.&nb
  • Urban Design

    The Msc programme in Urban Design at Aalborg University takes its point of departure in a num
  • Industrial Design

    The Msc programme in Industrial Design at Aalborg University focuses on an integrated process
  • Architecture

    The Msc programme in Architectural Design at Aalborg University has its focal point in a numb
  • Machine Intelligence

    This master’s programme focuses on probabilistic and statistical methods for intelligen
  • Latin American Studies

    Latin American Studies provides a broad understanding of contemporary and historical issues i
  • Land Management

    The programme combines theories and methodologies from social and political science with prop
  • International Marketing

    International Marketing is a two-year fulltime international MSc specialization programme for
  • Integrated Food Studies

    Master in Integrated Food Studies will give you the possibility to study food and its many me
  • Innovation Management

    Innovation Management gives you knowledge and skills in innovation at community and company l
  • Global Refugee Studies

    Global Refugee Studies, a specialization under Development and International Relations, is a
  • Geoinformatics

    The Master of Science program in Geoinformatics at Aalborg University, Copenhagen is directed
  • European Studies

    The programme is open to Danish and foreign students with a B.S. or B.A. degree in social sci
  • Energy Engineering

    We have designed our Energy Engineering programme in order to meet the demands posed to engin
  • Data Engineering

    The programme focuses on technologies for managing this kind of data covering conceptual mode
  • Control and Automation

    Intelligent systems are automated systems which through smart control are able to navigate in
  • Chinese Area Studies

    Chinese Area Studies enables students to focus on "China" as a particular field of
  • Chemistry

    Our programme aims at providing students with solid knowledge and expertise in chemistry.&nbs
  • Chemical Engineering

    The Chemical Engineering programme allows you to combine your creative and technical skills i
  • Biotechnology

    At the Master programme in Biotechnology, you will work with biological molecules, gene techn
  • Applied Physics

    The Master’s Degree in Applied Physics is focused on practical and theoretical studies
  • Acoustics

     This master's programme provides students with classical and modern aspects of phys
  • English

    This programme gives you knowledge about e.g. English literature and the English speaking cou
  • Environmental Biology

    You will be introduced to subjects such as Ecotoxicology, Ecological systems and Ecophysiolog
  • Environmental Biology

    You will be introduced to subjects such as Ecotoxicology, Ecological systems and Ecophysiolog
  • European Studies

    You will learn to analyse the political and economical integration in the EU as well as devel
  • Film Studies

    You will study the theory and practice of media organisations and institutions, film aestheti
  • Food Technology

    In this progamme you learn to design and develop food product by use of advanced techniques o
  • Gastronomy and Health

    In this program you learn about healthy, tasty food in theory and practice. You can specializ
  • Global Studies

    You will study globalisation and its influence on politics, economics, society and culture in
  • Human Biology

    You will learn about biomedicin, bioinformatics and translational pharmacology as well as rad
  • Human Security

    You will learn how to facilitate the collaboration and mutual learning crucial for addressing
  • Maritime Archaeology

    The focus is the culture and history of the sea. You will learn about reconnaissanc
  • Master of HIV, MHIV

    This programme gives insight into the HIV disease, the potential improvement of treatment pro
  • Mathematics

    You will expand your knowledge of the fundamental mathematical disciplines such as algebra, a
  • Mechatronics

    You will receive training in advanced mechatronics and scientific methods, and you will be ab
  • Media Studies

    The programme introduces media organisations and institutions, audience and user studies as w
  • Medialogy

    You will learn Digital culture, Embedded interfaces, Virtual Reality Design, Simulation
  • Engineering Acoustics

    The programme covers human response to sound, acoustic communication systems and environmenta
  • Electrical Engineering

    In this programme you will learn to analyse and develop advanced electrical systems. Read Mor
  • Middle East Studies

    You will be introduced to subjects such as history, culture and politics, for example the fou
  • Molecular Biology

    You will learn about the composition and function of proteins, gene structures, organisms'
  • Molecular Biomedicine

    You will study human genes to learn how they interact with diseases, and how the results can
  • Parasitology

    You will get the qualifications to analyse illnesses caused by parasites and be involved
  • Petroleum Engineering

    The programme provides a firm grounding in engineering and scientific skills together with kn
  • Economics

    The study of economics provides a theoretical understanding of how to ensure a well functioni
  • Economics

    The study of economics provides a theoretical understanding of how to ensure a well functioni
  • Design and Innovation

    In this programme you will learn methods for designing new products and systems so they will
  • Cultural Encounters

    You will learn how to solve problems in conncention with cultural encounters. Read More 
  • Computer Science

    This programme provides you with a broad comprehension of how IT systems function. Read More
  • Philosophy

    You will learn logics, theory of knowledge, metaphysics, theory of science, history of s
  • Communication

    This programme contains the subjects information and media and communication theories. Read M
  • Cognitive Semiotics

    In the study of cognitive semiotics, you will research the structures behind all forms of hum
  • Physics and Technology

    In this programme you will study the development and use of new forms of technology within ei
  • Chemistry

    You will be introduced to general studies in organic and organic chemistry, biochemistry and
  • Public Health

    You will learn methodology, social science and health science. The programme focuses on
  • Civil Engineering

    You will gain insight into the construction and maintenance of buildings, services or towns.
  • Biology-Biotechnology

    The programme focuses on the use of plant cells, animal cells and microorganisms. Read More
  • Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary programme, which combines mathematics, biology and com
  • Sustainable Energy

    In the programme you learn about environmentally friendly energy techologies and you can spec
  • Systems Biology

    In this programme you will learn to analyse and apply information about complex biological sy
  • Telecommunication

    In this programme you will learn to perform research, development, planning, and analysis wit
  • Applied Mechanics

    The programme gives you insight into subjects such as modern methods and technologies to desi
  • American Studies

    The subjects areas are American culture, history and social conditions as well as American li
  • Agrobiology

    You will learn Animal Health & Welfare, Plant Nutrition & Health, Agricultu
  • Tourism

    The programme gives you insight into market communication and marketing, organisation and man
  • Wind Energy

    In this programme you will learn to analyse, design, develop and manage wind energy systems.


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